Wireless headphones and earphones: do you really need them?

With amazing progress of technologies, wireless headphones and earphones are gaining more and more popularity. However, the wireless vs. wired debate is still ongoing and is not likely to end until they invent something totally new.  Let’s face the fact: it is indeed difficult to understand whether you want wired and wireless headphones when everyone around is already in the wireless trend. However, you should remember that the debate is not about the quality but rather about the style of your everyday life. So, in order to make the right decision, you should ask yourself the following questions:

· How much times do you spend listening to music? Are you looking for the device that would make it possible for you to stream your music at PC or other gadget all day long? Or, do you need headphones for several hours that you spend walking your dog or going to work?

· Do you get irritated when you have to deal with cords or do you feel more secure and comfortable when your headphones are physically connected with your player?

· Is the price a big deal for you? Or are you not limited in your budget and can invest any sum in something that you may not later use?

If you have already decided on all the answers, here are some other things you should know before the purchase.

· Audio quality depends on the price and producer, not the type.

· Wireless headphones depend on their battery life. The more you are ready to invest, the better the battery you will get.

· Both types are portable, but wireless headphones are more comfortable for sports and traveling.

· Both types are highly compatible but not all wireless headphones can be connected with any device.

· Wired headphones are far cheaper, which is important if you are looking for a budget version. So, if you are looking for style and appearances, you should be ready to pay more. Otherwise, you’d better opt for wired headphones or earphones.

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