What types of smartwatches there are why you need to know them

Are you in the process of choosing a smartwatch? In this case, the very first thing you must decide upon is what type of it you actually need. Yes, you might be surprised but there exist different types of smartwatches, so not to pay extra, you should know what they are and what differences they have. Despite having one name, smartwatches might have totally different sets of functions, that (no wonder!) add up to their price. The simplest models can just show you some basic health indicators, while the most complex ones can be sometimes more functional than smartphones. In this article, we will give you a brief description of the basic types.

The simplest smartwatches are those that have very few features. Of course, they can do more than just show the time and date. You will be able to see the incoming messages and calls (and will be actually alarmed by vibration). Also, they are able to track some health indicators. The biggest advantage of such smartwatches is, of course, their price. If you are looking for a simple smartwatch that will look stylish and be able to do a couple of tricks – this variant is perfect for you.

The most advanced type is a sports watch designed for those who do sports regularly. They are far more advanced than regular wristbands that cannot do more rather than count your steps or track your sleep phases. By constrast, sports watches can give you useful advice to make your workouts more effective. Moreover, the majority of them are water-resistant and their batteries can last for days. So, if you often find yourself doing some sports or outdoor activities, you will surely benefit from a sports watch.

Classic smartwatches serve as an extension of the smartphone connected via Bluetooth and allow you to multitask much easier because you don’t have to carry your phone around. Those models will show you messages, calls, calendar entries, and have also a lot of apps you can use. The most advanced types have the phone function and support their own SIM.

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