Types of security cameras: their pros and cons

Have you finally made up your mind to increase the level of your home protection? Brilliant idea! The popularity of home security cameras is now on the rise as users have already had a chance to estimate their unique properties. By the way, how much do you actually know about the types of those cameras and their differences? If you are far from being an expert, in this article, we will give you some basic information about the types of security cameras and their advantages and disadvantages for you to make an informed choice.

The good news is that those types are actually two: wireless security cameras and video doorbells, so you will not have a headache with the choice among millions of options.

Wireless security cameras are unobtrusive devices that connect to your home network and send videos and alerts to your smartphone. Models can differ but not really to a great extent. For example, some cameras must be plugged into an outlet, while others can run on a rechargeable battery (truly wireless ones). Some cameras feature a memory card, which allows you to store recordings there, but the majority of them send clips to the cloud. The evident advantage of wireless security cameras is that you can install them both inside and outside your home (especially weatherproof models). Moreover, they allow checking what is going on no matter where you are. However, a considerable flaw is paying quite a lot for cloud storage. The second type is video doorbells. As it is clear from the name, a security camera is imbedded into your doorbell, using its low-voltage wiring (some models can use batteries, which require replacement or recharging). Such doorbells send videos and alerts to your smartphone when they see someone in front of the door or when someone rings. They also have two-way audio, which allows you to talk to the person. The main pro is that such cameras do not need a separate power line. Plus, you can reply even not being at home. The con is that their connection might be affected by the thickness of the wall. And, the same as the previous one – cloud storage is expensive.

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