Some frequently asked questions about VR

Even if you are not a gamer, you are sure to know that the popularity of VR glasses has already become enormous. So, seeing your friends buy VR systems, you have finally decided that you need one too. However, if you are not an expert with such things, you might find yourself confused, having lots of questions – besides technical specs and other characteristics – that reviews do not answer. In this article, we will try to provide answers to the most frequently asked questions.

If you suffer from motion sickness, the most obvious question that comes to your mind is whether VR will make you sick. Indeed, if VR is of poor quality, the frame rates will fluctuate the same way as flickering TV, causing a horrible feeling even in those who do not generally have this problem. However, quality VR systems force the frames to stay at the same level – so, you will be quite ok.

Another popular concern is whether one needs a spacious room for VR. In fact, no, but the bigger it is, the more fun you can have. Even some little space around your desk will do perfectly. Bear in mind that the movement requirements vary rather considerably by game. Some (like racing) will require you just to sit on your chair.

Logically enough, many people are concerned whether they are going to crash into walls. Don’t worry, VR systems analyze the space around you and create virtual walls where the real ones are located in your house to avoid crashes.

Some users think for the future and are interested whether it is possible to switch the systems later. Of course, it is possible but only to a certain extent. Some games are universal and can be played on any system. However, accessories and room-tracking sensors only work with their specific system.

Finally, the biggest issue for most is whether the prices are going to come down. Well, this question is a tricky one. In a couple of years, the first generation of VR will surely become cheaper, but the next one is likely to have the pricing similar to the existing models.

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