How to select a drone you will never regret about

Do all your friends already have drones? Then, it is high time you joined the fun! However, if you are not a tech genius and have never had any experience with drones, selecting one might become rather a tricky task. Don’t worry, we are here to help you. In this article, you will find a couple of useful tips concerning the factors that you should pay attention to while selecting a drone.

Of course, the first thing regarding drones that the majority of potential buyers are most concerned about is their price (which is quite logical if you do not have an unlimited amount of money you are ready to spend). If you take time to compare prices, you will be surprised how many models there are that you can purchase at a moderate price. So, don’t forget to read reviews. Pay attention to less known brands: they offer the same quality but at a much more adequate price.

If you are going to shoot videos, battery life is the main aspect you must pay attention to. Like any other gadget, a drone can quickly get out of charge. However, those with good batteries should serve no less than half an hour.

Another crucial factor is the motor. We strongly recommend to invest in brushless ones, because they are quiter and have much longer battery life. The problem is that the price is significantly higher.

If the primary purpose of the purchase is taking high-quality pics, you should check camera specifications. If you do not like drone cameras, look for a model that will make it possible to attach your own to it.

If you are into sports and you want to use a drone to shoot your biking trips, for example, the best option will be a model with the so-called follow-me mode.

Are you afraid of losing your new toy? Pay attention to whether it has GPS as well as on the distance at which you can lose control of your drone.

Good luck with your first purchase!

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