How to choose a power bank that will save you in any situation

No matter how much you have paid for your smartphone, its battery cannot work without being regularly charged. When you are at home, it is not a problem to charge your gadgets as often as you think necessary. However, if you belong to people who are always on the go and simply have no opportunity to connect their smartphone to a charger, problems are likely to arise. Every one of use has been in the situation when we were expecting an important call or message but the phone suddenly ran out of charge. Luckily, with the appearance of power banks, such situations can be forgotten. While every user must have a power bank to be on the safe side, not every user knows how to select the right one. We are here to help you.

The first rule is to know the charger specifications of your device, including its battery size. You can find this information on the box or on the charger of your smartphone. The idea is that your power bank should be at least of the same size as your battery. Logically enough, if it gets fully discharged, you will be able to charge it to the maximum at least once.  If you are a very active user, consider models with the maximum milliampere-hour (mAh) characteristic you can afford.

Another point you should check is that the output voltage of the power bank should not be lower than that of your smartphone. It can be only equal or higher.

If you are used to carrying a lot of devices with you, remember to check how many ports and cables the model you have selected comes with. If it has several, you will be able to charge several gadgets simultaneously.

Always give preference to models with a power-cut feature if you do not want your phone to get damaged in case of a short circuit.

The auto-cut feature is also very useful as it prevents your devices from getting overcharged and prolongs the life of your power bank.

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