Drone accessories that you absolutely must have: part 2

In the previous article, we have enumerated some of the most essential drone accessories that every user can benefit from. However, there are lots of other items that can be useful. In this blog, you will find our second list of the best must-haves.

  1. Car charger. No matter how many extra batteries you have already bought, they will not help you want to spend the whole day in the out shooting nature. Instead of investing in a million of extra batteries, you can just but a car charger that will charge the battery you do not use while you continue shooting with the other one.
  2. Landing gear. The landing gear is a small extension that fits under the drone and helps it to increase ground clearance, which means that dirt, snow or grass will not get into the body of the camera. With the landing gear, your drone will be lifted up from the group and be safe from trouble.
  3. Landing pad. Since a drone takes off from the ground, it can raise a lot of dust and dirt. A portable mat – a drone landing pad, will give a perfectly clean environment when you launch the device.
  4. Joystick guard. Even if you have already bought a good case, the joystick on your remote controller is still very easy to break. So, you can either remove them all the same or simply buy a joystick guard, which stops the sticks from moving and protects the screen.
  5. Propeller strap. With the help of a propeller strap, you can prevent your drone props from moving, which makes it much more secure to travel with them. Moreover, you can buy them cheaply as a part of an accessory bundle.
  6. GPS tracker. Although your drone reports its position, a GPS tracker can save the situation if your device disappears and does not respond.
  7. Drone insurance. Since drones are still rather costly, you will have much more peace of mind going through the learning process with drone insurance.
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