Drone accessories that you absolutely must have: part 1

Are you among those who now don’t imagine their life without a drone? In this case, you know that drones need a lot of accessories to operate at their highest level. But, of course, you should not buy everything that is there in the market. It is sometimes quite enough to choose a few, but the most necessary ones. In this article, we will tell you which accessories every drone owner must have.

  1. Spare Battery. This accessory is an absolute leader on the list. Ideally, you need to buy a spare battery together with your drone. Drone flight time is limited in minutes: even the most modern of them do not last for more than half an hour. So, if you need to shoot for longer, you will need a spare battery not to interrupt the process.
  2. Carrying case. While being rather cheap, carrying cases can protect your drone and remote controller from possible damage without adding considerable baggage weight.
  3. Memory card. Despite the fact that the majority of drones come with memory cards, their capacity is quite modest (typically, around 8-16GB). So, if you are going to shoot videos, you will have to invest in a much bigger memory card (ideally 64GB).
  4. Neutral density filters. They reduce the amount of light coming into the camera, which is highly important for videos as such filters let you set shutter speeds for them.
  5. Spare propellers. If you have already bought a drone, you know that they come with spare propellers, which actually means that this part is very likely to need replacement in a while. Indeed, your drone can crash into something, so it is better to have more spare propellers in stock. 
  6. Propeller guard. Have you recently purchased your drone and have no idea how to fly it? If you are a beginner, we strongly recommend you to buy a propeller guard, which is basically a protective cage placed around the propellers to prevent hard damage in case of accidents (which are inevitable while you are learning).
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