A quick guide to choose your security camera

Are you in the process of choosing a security camera? Despite the fact that there are only two types of them, the number of different models is quite considerable. In this article, we will provide you with a quick guide that will help you to decide which one can satisfy your requirements.

The thirst thing to decide on is the camera type. If you are going to place it inside your home, you should opt for a home security camera. If you want to see who comes to your door, you should choose a video doorbell (which is no good for monitoring other areas of your property). Also, bear in mind that not all cameras are weatherproof.

The second aspect is to select your power source. If you opt for hardwired models, you should remember that your placements options will be limited (unless you run an extension). In case of cameras working with batteries, you will have to recharge them regularly (depending on the frequency of usage it might happen from once a week to once a year). Logical enough, the power source you choose will limit the number of models to select from.

It is highly important to compare cloud storage plans. Since all producers will charge you for cloud storage, you should check how much free space the model has and how much you will have to pay additionally. However, if you do not want any extra spending, you can opt for models with a memory card (which is also an investment but will end up much cheaper). However, in this case, the number of options will be quite limited.

Remember about your privacy. The task of your camera is to give you peace of mind – not to deprive you of it. Since they are connected to the internet, you cannot be sure how your data is used. If you can watch your home, someone else can do it too, including the manufacturer. That is why you’d better choose models with two-factor authentication, in which an additional layer of security is added to send you a one-time-use password.

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