A quick guide on choosing your first robot vacuum

Have all your friends already bought a robot vacuum to forget about the annoying cleaning procedure? Are you considering to do the same to save your time and to avoid duties no one likes? Well, the decision is good indeed, but do you really know what vacuum you actually want or how you are going to select it. Due to the growing popularity of the technology, there are now litirally millions of vacuums available on the market. Although each of them is definitely meant to help you to clean your floor, the differences between various models are quite considerable starting from design to features. If you have no idea what, to begin with, this article is for you.

Before running to the shop or reading reviews on the internet, you should explore your home. Is there hardwood or carpets around? Do you have a cat or a dog that leaves its fur all around the place? Do you have lots of objects that are always on the floor? These factors are crucial when you are choosing the model.

The second step is unpleasant but inevitable. You should decide how much you are ready to spend on your laziness to clean the floor yourself. The price can vary from $150 up to $1500. Do not expect miracles from cheap models. However, if you do not need any super-functions, it is better not to waste money on them.

Do you want an app that will help you to control your cleaner? There are many robots that use companion apps that make is much easier to schedule their work and to map out where the cleaning has already been done.

Remember that some models do a better job than others. Some are more efficient with carpets while others are good for picking cat’s hair. They are not equal in their performance in different aspects.

Finally, consider the battery life, because the bigger it is, the better the result, especially if your home is considerably big.

Good luck with the choice!

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